New waitress

So this new waitress I met up at the restaurant I work at seemed pretty nice, innocent and kept looking at me. So I went ahead a I asked her out and we went out a few times. After a while it got to be a pretty serious relationship. Usually we would just go hang out with my buddies up at our usual bar. Go figure one time we show up and grab some seats at the bar and lone behold I see my girlfriend come in on some other guys arm. so I am confronted with my girlfriend without the other guy around. She freaks out a bit as she sees me walking up and I am just wondering whats going on. So I come straight out with it saying “What are you doing? I thought we were pretty serious!” She replies “well I work as a escort for Mansfield escort agency.”

So there ya have it. Shes an escort.

Passion For Reading

Reading is one of my favourite past-times. I have always been a bit of a book worm and can read anything between one to four books in a week. I love the escapism that reading gives me. I can take myself to a different place when I am engrossed in a novel.

I love all kinds of novels; period classics, romance, action/adventure. You name it, I can read and enjoy it. But perhaps my favourite books are those with a little bit of murder and mystery woven into the storyline. The book I am currently enjoying is about two London escorts who decide to run away together and start a new life in a foreign country. One of them goes missing and her friend is becoming increasingly concerned that she has been abducted and her life is at threat. They are the kind of story-lines that I really enjoy, ones with lots of suspense and trepidation.

However, if I had to choose just one book as my all time favourite it would probably ‘Wuthering Heights’. Anyone who has read this all time classic will appreciate how good it is in literary terms. I think that most people should read more than they do and I always feel sorry for those who don’t even read at all.


I have been working for the Leeds escort agency for many moons in the metropolitan area with a close friend of mine. We have somewhat became a team over the years and do our private and public sessions together. This has brought us in about $500.00 per hour the last couple of years by becoming partners. We have so many clients calling us that we are usually booked about 3 months ahead of time.

We are both single and love to have the flexible schedule for our work life. For the most part we entertain late evenings and long weekend hours. We actually have a closet set up in our apartment and we coordinate our clothing so we look the hottest at all times. Sometimes we have our long striking blonde hair down and some times we throw some pigtails into the mix. We love to do it all from flirting to getting intimate!

Sue and Bill go to Manchester

Bill worked for a company in Chicago, USA but the company sent him to a business confrence in Manchester. Sue had never been to England so she decided to go to England too with her husband. Bill did not have to report to work in Manchester until Monday so the two of them did sightseeing the previous weekend. Bill was not satisfied that his wife would engage in fun and frolics so the husband ordered an escort from Manchester escorts who entertained him across town so his wife wouldn’t see. Bill felt horrible for not paying any attention to his wife and admitted he needs to be a better husband. The two of them worked their problems out with a family therapist when they got back to the US.

A Walking Mess

It is my first vacation in over two years and for once I am having fun and relaxing. I came to the Harrogate area to get away from my work and home life. Both of which have become very stressful over the past few years. I did not bring anyone on my trip with me because it is a time for me to release stress and anything else that is on my mind. If anyone else was to come, it would just be extra baggage on my back that I do not need. The only person that is disappointed with my little vacation is my sister. We were supposed to go to Derby escorts together for a date, but it never happened. I feel bad in a way, but if I did not get out of the state when I did, I would be a complete disaster. Stress can take a toll on a persons body and mind, and I just wasn’t ready to become a walking mess.

Unsteady Work Schedule

I work at the post office and by far it is not any type of normal job. You know what time to arrive to work and you never know what time that you will get home. All mail that comes in has to be delivered that same exact day, no matter how long it takes. The days that are hot are very long and when it is cold you are always getting stuck in the snow.

I am unable to maintain a normal relationship because you can never make plans. Even on your day off you still can be called into work or a vacation day can be denied. I gave up on dating because I am always to tired to go out and do anything if I do have some free time. Casual sex with a fuck buddy is my way to keep all of my sexual desires fulfilled.

Hard Work

I have worked for the Bayswater escorts agency for several years and we specialize in providing entertainment for our clients. Over the years, we also have helped out a variety of people in our community.

This year we are helping collect used shoes for those that poor and in need of shoes. We have set up collection locations, passed out flyers and have donated many shoes ourselves. All types of shoes are accepted and from children to adults sizes. This week we have to scale the area to pick up donated shoes off of residents porches.

In about two weeks we are having our annual collection of used sunglasses and glasses for a Sight Program for seniors. Although they are retired most seniors live on a strict budget and can barely pay for the heath care, even their vision problems.

All of us are very proud for all of the hard effort that we put in for residents of our community!

Ready For Me Time

Making myself happy has always been my number one goal for the past five years. I spent most of my life only pleasing others and making sure their needs were met. Well, now it is my turn to be happy and I plan on making that happen no matter what. This weekend I have even planned out a date with Sheffield escorts. We are going out to a fancy restaurant and spending a large portion of the evening at a small club down the street from my apartment. I am ready to blow a little money of my own, as I have not done this in what seems like years. I think it will be a good time for everyone involved. I like to have fun and can usually keep anyone entertained and laughing for the night after a few drinks.